I’ve always had trouble getting restful sleep with work and life stresses. My first BodyTalk session with Daphne helped my insomnia almost immediately. Since then, the healing journey with Daphne has been very useful for my physical, emotional and mental health. Deep emotional issues that have been affecting me physically and mentally were surfaced and released through monthly sessions. Daphne’s debriefs after each session are always clear and easy to understand.

Overall, the BodyTalk sessions I’ve done with Daphne has helped my well-being and shifted my mindset and emotions more positively. With regular BodyTalk work, I now understand the mind-body connection to my health. I have am much more aware and able to make changes to my life.

~ Elaine Fong, HR Professional, Singapore

I started having sessions with Daphne in 2015. I was having pain in both ears for a prolonged period. I started living in Bali then, and was not able to go to my usual specialist.  Daphne told me she could help, and I was dubious at first. And the experience was truly amazing. After one session, my ear pain, that has been plaguing me for 3 – 4 years, disappeared. Now I no longer see my specialist for treatment. Now, my whole family does BodyTalk with Daphne when we need it. Each session unveils much surprise for us. I like her sessions and she is very professional in her work.

~ Koh Lay Hong, Hospitality, Bali

BodyTalk sessions with Daphne enabled me to have a much better and in-depth understanding of the issues I’m facing at work. Through the regular sessions, I am being guided to focus on the root cause of the issues and formulate the solutions appropriately. It has been a truly amazing experience!

~ Audrey Chan, Accounts Specialist, Singapore

My session with Daphne have always given me a sense of reassurance and direction.  I have problems with chronic anxiety and depression. I also gain an invaluable sense of calm when the chaos gets too overwhelming. Through my sessions, I always seem to gain the strength that I need, not just to go through my daily battles, but to make significant progress towards a better me!

~ Leanna Tan, Educator, Singapore

Daphne is a gifted BodyTalk practitioner and is someone who is steadfast and passionate in her work.  I recall one amazing session with Daphne. She sensed and worked on some vibrational issues that I had, and astonishingly the symptoms were down to 50% at once, and completely gone 2 days later.  I am certain that a brilliant practitioner like Daphne will be able to help any client who she attends to.

~ Annie Yeo, Piano-Teacher, Singapore

Daphne is a professional and has such a big heart that you cannot help but feel you are being cared for deeply. She is not only adept at her work, and has also been blessed with highly accurate intuition and a strong sense of goodness.  My trust in her comes easily. The strength of her gifts, coupled with her big heart and sincere wish in aiding her clients in their healing and life journeys, certainly makes her one of the best in her field.  Thank you Daphne and my family definitely thanks you too.

~ Faithe Wu, Mother & Retiree, Singapore

When I was pregnant, I was feeling really weak and anxious, as this was considered a high risk pregnancy. However, after going for the first BodyTalk session with Daphne, I immediately felt calm and more at peace. Her support through Bodytalk was one of the reasons I could pull through my entire pregnancy smoothly. I highly recommend her for her BodyTalk sessions.

~ Jarane Chaung, Property Agent, Singapore

My company is a 3rd generation family enterprise dealing with the import, distribution and after-sales for premium segment commercial landscape equipment operating in the region for almost 50 years.  While the company has on an expansion path for the past 5 – 6 years, there has always been very deep-rooted issues.

I’ve recently underwent a Bodytalk Matrix session with Daphne dealing with chronic operational bottlenecks and toxic relationships within my company. She was quickly able narrow down and pinpoint the various relationships and priority areas to work on. Her inputs from the session are concise, highly accurate and provided remedial actions.

Barely 2 days after the session, I observed a noticeable change in the general mood of the  staff, with everyone feeling more relaxed. patient, and willing to work through issues together as a team amicably.  There is also a renewed sense of optimism and clarity that were absent before, leading to stronger commitments towards corrective actions in the areas  of corporate governance and transparency.

~ Chew Kee Seng, Business Owner, Singapore