Integrated Coaching

Integrated Coaching Sessions are a one-of-a-kind offering at InnateQuests.  It is Life Coaching meets Energy Dynamics.

This comprehensive session includes a 1-hour personal coaching session, supported by a 30 min MindScape-BodyTalk Session.

With the coaching segment, clients experience a conscious and actionable way to approach their life challenges and reach for goals, and are given the tools and guidance to move forward.  MindScape-BodyTalk methodologies are then interwoven to provide deeper insight and healing to propel your success.

Integrated Coaching sessions are beneficial in empowering you and clearing the path towards your full potential, in areas such as:

  • Business, and Career Success
  • Financial abundance
  • Self-Development and Personal Growth
  • Relationships and Family health
  • Health and Wellness
  • Crisis Management and Planning


MindScape is a technique that is used to access the subconscious or intuitive “right” brain. With this structured method, the practitioner is able to connect with the client at a deeper level, and uncover emotional blocks, belief systems and fears that may be hindering the client’s journey towards their health or success goals.

  • MindScape and Advanced MindScape seminars
  • MindScape StudyGroup (for MindScape graduates)
  • Private MindScape Sessions

BodyTalk Sessions

BodyTalk sessions can be customised for a single client, or redesigned to address the situation of a matrix group (e.g. family, career, work groups or business organizations).

Example of individual session: Single client dealing with insomnia, compulsive eating, anxiety, poor coping mechanisms, and chronic health issues. 

Example of matrix session: Client’s nuclear family matrix dealing with a loss in the family, or stressful periods; Client’s career undergoing overhaul and re-assessment. 

Sessions can either be conducted in clinic or remotely:

  • Individual Session
  • Family & Group Matrix Session
  • Career & Business Matrix Session

Customised Workshops

Experiential learning, corporate consultancy, and human development experiences are combined with body-mind principles espoused in the BodyTalk HealthCare System,  to offer unique and agenda-specific workshops.

Workshops will be customised upon consultation and needs analysis with client and organised.

Categories can include:
– Mindfulness & Meditation
– Creative Visualisation
– Personal Development & Coherence
– Team Cohesiveness
– Authentic Communication
– Creative thinking

Workshops will employ the methodologies around:
– Humanistic, self-directed learning
– Experiential practice
– Focused intention
– Principles of authentic communication