MindScape Seminars

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MindScape is easy to learn and an amazingly effective tool for tuning into your inner wisdom in order to enhance your health, relationships, business, sports performance and much more. This empowering technique offers insight into the workings of your subconscious mind and enables you to go beyond structural left-brained functioning by tapping into your intuitive right brain.

Engaging your intuition at will and boosting your creative abilities opens up vast possibilities in all aspects of your life, allows you to explore your mind’s real potential and optimises your manifesting ability to bring your dreams to fruition. As the saying goes, you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

Seminar Structure & Curriculum

The Seminar spans 2 days and will be an experiential learning experience.  In this 2 day intensive, you will have the capabilities to: 

Control the Levels of Your Mind: Learn how to relax the mindbody, and engage a level of neuro-frequency that is particularly conducive to creativity and intuition. 

Create the MindScape Workshop:  Create your own inner structure and interface, which stimulates power access into your mind’s knowledge and wisdom, and serves as a bridge into your deeper subconscious and conscious storehouses. 

Seek Inner Guidance: Discover and explore your unique inner compass for insight, solutions and self mastery. 

Resolve Conflict: Tune into yourself, other people and situations that are in a state of conflict and difficulty, and learn how to perceive beyond the outward symptoms and persona of the problem for optimal conflict resolution. 

Manifest Success:  Activate your Mind’s own vision board, and use your power of your subconscious to remove limitations and set your affirmations and dreams in rapid motion. 

Heal Yourself & Others:  Tap into your innate healing abilities, direct healing energy and facilitate health at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of the body. 

Elevate your Consciousness:  Lighten your load of emotional and mental burdens, heighten your mindfulness, and transcend external influences on your well-being and choices. 

More Information on MindScape: https://www.bodytalksystem.com/learn/mindscape/

 Instructor: Daphne Liu, MindScape Instructor

Daphne brings her blend of expertise in corporate and professional development, coaching, BodyTalk Healthcare practice and international experience to each MindScape workshop.

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Cancellation Policy: 

A minimum number of students are required for this seminar to be confirmed.

Please do not commit to any travel or other costs, until the class has been confirmed in writing by the local coordinator.  In the unlikely event this class is cancelled by the Instructor, you will receive a full refund.  If you have to cancel, then you will receive a refund as set out below.

Cancellation period:
0-14 days: No refund
15-28 days: 50% refund less any refund charges incurred.
29+ days: Full refund less any refund charges incurred.