Professional Coaching

Pause. Take a moment to ask this question of yourself:

In your life-long pursuit of happiness and success, do you stop to think about what really defines you and makes you feel fulfilled? Do you feel that your current situation is “good enough”, but far from great?

We all have our personal definitions of well-being and success, but taking the leap from your current state of dissatisfaction to great joy, that is up to you. From professional success and personal growth, to health and positive relationships, coaching helps you achieve goals that you have considered close to impossible.

As your Coach, I play a unique role in your world, working closely with you to liberate your potential and deepen your self-awareness, so that you can increase your positive impact on those around you.

Sometimes I will hold your hand and let you lead the way. Other times, I will push you to facilitate insight and spark change. You will be pro-active in this process: identifying possibilities, creating your own fulfilling solutions, leading your own learning and take action towards the future you desire.

Professional Coaching with Daphne can support and help you in getting what you want:

Professional Success

  • I want to make changes and advance my career.
  • I want to increase my income and improve financial security.
  • I need help for strategic planning for my business and endeavour.
  • I need help to develop appropriate actions that will allow me to meet my goals.
  • I need help to develop my ideas into work that is both financially and personally rewarding.
  • I want to build my brand and position myself as an expert in my field.

Personal Growth

  • I have crucial conflicts, situations and issues that I need to address in my life.
  • I want to develop a greater understanding of my life and discover my larger purpose.
  • I need help to breakthrough the obstacles that are in the way of my happiness and contentment.
  • I want to create a life plan that will help me design the life I want.
  • I need to improve my self worth and confidence.
  • I feel stuck in my worldview, and want to know how I can grow.

Health & Wellness

  • I need help to manage stress and minimise its effects on my body.
  • I have a major health or life challenge and I need help to make constructive changes to deal with it.
  • I need to cultivate positive habits that serve my needs.
  • I am tired of the hamster wheel and need a change to simplify by life.
  • I want to change my state of health, appearance and fitness.
  • I need to discover my personal needs and how to prioritise and satisfy them.


  • I need to find a sense of balance that fulfils my personal and family’s needs.
  • I need help to improve my relationships with others, or find a nurturing relationship.
  • I want to be able to deal with difficult people in my life in a constructive manner.
  • I want to find a way to communicate with my loved ones in a compassionate manner.
  • I need to develop stronger boundaries so that my time and energy are respected by others.

The end in mind, is for you to become self reliant, equipped with an optimised mind, and possess the best tools for you to lead a productive and meaningful life experience.

Let’s Create Your Life Experience Together!

What the Clients are Saying:

✶ I engaged Daphne at a time of transition, wanting to move forward with my business ideas. She’s been a huge support in terms of coaching and in my journey of becoming more self-aware. Her no-nonsense, loving but firm persona keeps me accountable and on track towards my goals. She’s also generous in sharing resources outside of our coaching sessions. I’ve gained clarity and overcame many fears of starting my business and am currently very excited in my journey!
– Sharon Tan , Co-founder of Terra Sanctuary

✶ Daphne has experienced so much in her lifetime, from climbing mountains to raising her sons, she possesses so much of what life is, and could be, for all of us. She has acute intuition and wisdom, so don’t be surprised if she helps you get breakthroughs right off the gate. With her corporate background and knowledge in human learning, she is an all-round life coach who brings clarity and direction to all her clients.
– Aimai Ong, Asst Director (Branding & Marketing)

✶ Daphne is a very professional coach, with the ability to accurately and quickly point out my blind spots. Her sense of humour and presence, made me feel safe and secure, allowing me to let go and deal with personal issues that have kept me feeling stuck. She is the only coach that I will strongly recommend.
– Joanna Chee, Keynote speaker and Facilitator

✶ Her ability to connect with people is her key strength, expressing herself with a sophisticated blend of strength and softness. She cares a great deal for her clients and wants them to be successful in whatever they are working on. Her strong intuition allows her to speak directly to the heart of her clients, and gives them the skills and confidence to reach of their goals.
– Harry Nyguyen, Entrepreneur

✶ Daphne have always given me a sense of reassurance and direction. I have problems with chronic anxiety and depression. Through my sessions, I also gained an invaluable sense of calm when the chaos gets too overwhelming. Overtime, I was able to gain the strength that I need, not just to go through my daily battles, but to make significant progress towards a better me!
– Leanna Tan, Educator

✶ Her unique ability to listen is her biggest strength as a coach. Her unwavering care, discernment, and detailed persona enable Daphne to help me make definitive shifts in my life, and the life of her clients.
– Jack Oh, Rig Superintendent